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Shaping Patterns

Shaping Patterns is a transnational project that addresses the added value of art in education for sustainable development.

On the one hand, the cooperation between the fields of primary education and art is to be professionally accompanied, promoted and qualified in order to develop new approaches and key competencies in education for sustainable development – for human, social, economic and ecological sustainability. On the other hand, children will be supported to question the world of tomorrow through their own artistic and experimental approaches and to relate them to their findings.

Shaping Patterns aims to develop collective artistic interventions that engage a public audience while focusing on the theme of sustainable development.

The project partners come from Denmark, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece and the Netherlands and are all rooted in the arts. They place particular emphasis on involving and engaging children, families, kindergartens and schools, and have extensive experience working with the education sector, including early childhood and primary education.

From the perspective of sustainable development education, the Shaping Patterns project aims to develop concrete methods and tools that can support elementary school teachers* and arts institutions in developing learning environments for questioning, imagining and creating new ideas for tomorrow’s world. The general premise, then, is that arts and culture can play a central role in the development of new patterns, ways of thinking and attitudes.

Within the framework of the EU funding ERASMUS+, Shaping Patterns will be implemented from October 2022 to October 2024 with six partners from Viborg, Aalborg, Athens, Ostrava, Rotterdam and Berlin.